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PT 1712 on "European ITS communications and information protocols" (EU-ICIP) is funded by the European Commission under grant agreement SA/CEN/GROW/EFTA/000/2019-03. This PT was created in the context of the Standardization Request M/546 related to ITS in urban areas, supporting Directive 2010/40/EU.

The scope of PT 1712 is to develop a CEN deliverable (TS or TR) on European ITS Communications, Information and Protocols (EU-ICIP) - Concept of Operations and Technical Guide.

The following expertise is involved in the development:

  • Expert ICIP 1: Project Team leader
  • Expert ICIP 2: Editor
  • Expert ICIP 3: Architecture/HTG7/ Automatic vehicle Identification
  • Expert ICIP 4: CCAM & Connected vehicles
  • Expert ICIP 5: Electronic Fee Collection/ Tolling
  • Expert ICIP 6 : Freight and Fleet
  • Expert ICIP 7: Parking
  • Expert ICIP 8: Public Transport
  • Expert ICIP 9: Railway traffic information
  • Expert ICIP 10 : Road Traffic Data, Spatial Data/TN-ITS
  • Expert ICIP 11 : Traffic Control/ Management
  • Expert ICIP 12: Traffic and Traveller Information/ eSafety /eCall / Recovery of stolen vehicles
  • Expert ICIP 13: Local Administration systems
  • Expert ICIP 14: Urban-ITS -ITS/PT1701/M546
  • Expert ICIP 15: Wireless Communications/ ETSI/ Internet communications, IETF


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