Some early news in 2018


C-ITS / U-ITS LogoUnder the lead of CEN TC278 WG17 on Urban ITS, further project teams are funded by the European Commission. Kick-off meetings will be end January 2018:

- PT1707: Urban ITS – Mixed vendor environments
- PT1710: Urban ITS – Traffic management data models and interfaces
- PT1713: Urban ITS – Models and definitions for new modes

Being aware of the progress of autonomous vehicle technologies, CEN TC278 WG17 started developing concepts and standards for "Management of Electronic Traffic Regulations" (METR). This work is challenging from two sides, i.e. the technical side and the legal side. The U-ITS PTs contribute voluntarily to the development of METR.

U-ITS is based on C-ITS technologies and DATEX II version 3.0.

Attempts are pushed at ETSI TC ITS by certain stakeholders from the cellular network industry towards bandsharing between IEEE 802.11 OCB (ITS-M5 / ITS-G5 / US-DSRC) and LTE-V2X at the 5,9 GHz frequency bands allocated for C-ITS road safety applications. As the already validated 5,9 GHz approach in C-ITS is optimized such that the targeted applications tend to fill up the available channels to the acceptable limit, there is definitively no space for new and unvalidated communication technologies operated in the same bands. Thus these attempts have to be classified as hostile attacks agains deployment of C-ITS world-wide. As discussion of political issues is not allowed in standardization bodies, ETSI TC ITS should not allow for such attempts.

Discussions on C-ITS Release 2 and the proposed usage of upcoming 5G technologies for C-ITS (potentially earliest in a decade from now) are presented in the ESF News edition 2018/1.

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