IEEE RevCom recommended all four revised 1609 standards (.2, .3, .4, .12) for approval

25. January 2016

On 19. January 2016, IEEE RevCom recommended all four revised 1609 standards (.2, .3, .4, .12) for approval. The next step is IEEE Standards Board approval of the RevCom recommendations, which should happen within the next 30 days.

The revision of 1609.3 contains the results of harmonization between ISO 29281-1 (FNTP) and ISO 24102-5 (FSAP) as proposed by the EU/US Task Force Harmonization Task Group 3.
ISO presented these harmonization results in ISO 16460, including options not yet implemented in IEEE 1609.3. The new design is scalable and future-proof.

Some technical facts on the messaging format:

Some technical facts on the service advertisement message formats:

Revisions of ISO 29281-1 and ISO 24102-5 based on ISO 16460 are almost ready for ballot.

IEEE can easily activate features not supported right now without breaking backward compatibility. With this result, a WAVE Device can talk to an ITS Station Unit in all messaging modes that are implemented in both types of stations. As IEEE WSMP and ISO FNTP use different Ethertypes, an implementation supporting a messaging interoperability mode must accept both Ethertypes in receiving messages.

The issue of real interoperability between WAVE devices and ITS station units for service advertisement needs further discussions, as in the current version of 1609.3 no ITS port numbers are supported, and the ISO FSAP depends on ITS port numbers for obvious technical reasons. However an ITS Station Unit without any problems can receive a WAVE SAM (given by a well-known ITS-AID as destination address) and consume the offered service.

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