ISO 16460 is published

20. September 2016

ISO TC204 WG16

Harmonization of IEEE WAVE and ISO CALM FAST protocols were suggested by the EU/US Task Force on C-ITS. The harmonization efforts resulted in agreed common message formats, see our news dated 26. May 2014. Message formats for service advertisement and the efficient null-networking message protocols are standardized in ISO 16460, published since 15. August 2016.

ISO TC204 WG16, the famous CALM group, is now revising ISO 29281-1 (FNTP) and ISO 24102-5 (FSAP) on the basis of the harmonized message formats specified ISO 16460. These standards are part of the C-ITS Release 2 focusing on the needs of infrastructure stakeholders (road operators, cities, harbors, ...).

One world - one C-ITS

The CALM success story continues.

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