CRC Press "Intelligent Transportation Systems: From Good Practices to Standards"

4. August 2016

CRC Press
CRC Press published the book "Intelligent Transportation Systems: From Good Practices to Standards".

Table of Contents

Development of an ITS-G5 Station, from the Physical to the MAC Layer
João Almeida, Joaquim Ferreira and Arnaldo S.R. Oliveira

When Buses Become Smart: The OBIT Experience
Matteo Petracca, Luca Maggiani, Stefano Bocchino, Claudio Salvadori and Luciano Niccolai

Data Management and Data Sharing in Field Operational Tests
Yvonne Barnard, Sami Koskinen, Satu Innamaa, Helena Gellerman, Erik Svanberg, Adrian Zlocki and Haibo Chen

Design, Implementation and Field Trail of DSRC-based Transit Signal Priority System
Andy Jeng Toward Smart Autonomous Cars François Marmoiton and Morgan Slade

Tolling Systems: Towards a Global Set of Standards
Fausto Caneschi

Cooperative ITS: The SDO Perspective for Early Deployment
Hans-Joachim Fischer

Probe Vehicle Information Systems
Masaaki SATO, Manabu Tsukada and Hiroshi Ito

Complex Infrastructures: The Benefit of ITS Services in Seaports
Paolo Pagano, Mariano Falcitelli, Silvia Ferrini, Francesco Papucci, Francescalberto De Bari and Antonella Querci

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