The Local Dynamic Map standard CEN/ISO TS 18750 is approved for publication

27. February 2015

CEN TC278 WG16 and ISO TC204 WG18 developed jointly the standard TS 18750 that specifies the Local Dynamic Map in the context of an ITS station (ISO 21217) for Intelligent Transport Systems. This development was done under the EC's mandate M/453 on Cooperative ITS. Major work was conducted in the CEN Project Team PT1604 funded under M/453.

CEN and ISO approved this standard without a single objection.

The standard is now in the process of being published by ISO and CEN.


This standard also specifies the procedure on how to create a globally applicable LDM Data Dictionary from any type of information source (DATEX II, TPEG, RDS/TMC, DENM, CAM, ...). LDM Data objects will be added to this Dictionary according to needs from real projects, rather than having an "academic brainstorming approach" in standardization. Once the need for a new LDM Data Object (i.e. a set of informations related to a real object that exists at a specified geo-location within a specified time interval) is identified, the details of the LDM Data Object are specified together with rules on how to get the information details from exisiting data sources (selection and transformation rules). Every LDM Data Object will be registered with a globally unique identifier on the ISO Standards Maintenance Portal of ISO/TS 18750.

In case of questions, please contact the editor of ISO/TS 18750.

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