Vehicle Probe Data - Competing new standardization activity

25. August 2015

Car industry and Here aim on a Standard for a common format of Vehicle Probe Data (in German)

Car-it reportet: The Nokia map service Here and 16 companies (automobile- and IT industry) discussed the issue of new standards for data formats for transmission of Vehicle Probe Data (that happened at an Industry Forum in Berlin). Industry should define a common data interface to hand over PVD from car sensors to the cloud backend. Continental was also present and in support of this (for their eHorizon project). It seems to be that Here is the driving power pushing this approach.

Here should become aware of the fact, that useful standards for this purpose are already developed at ISO TC204. Here is invited to participate at the meetings of ISO TC204 WG17 and WG18 in Potsdam / Germany in October 2015 to learn about TC204 standards in order to avoid duplicate and competing standards development.


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