The electronic horizon application based on a Local Dynamic Map enhances adaptiv cruise control

18. June 2015

Continental demonstrated its enhanced cruise control at the TechShow in Hannover. This adaptiv cruise control gets information from the electronic horizon application (eHorizon) that is using data from a Local Dynamic Map (LDM). LDMs get data (information from other cars or from roadside units) e.g. via C-ITS messages such as CAM and DENM from ETSI, or BSM from SAE. Alternatively data can be received from and transmitted to a cloude using CN communications as implemented by Continental.


(Graphics from; read more there in German)

ISO TC204 WG18 recently published the LDM standard ISO/TS 18750:2015 "Intelligent transport systems -- Cooperative systems -- Definition of a global concept for Local Dynamic Maps" which is already in the process to be upgraded to a full International Standard and an EN from CEN.

In case of questions, please contact the editor of ISO/TS 18750.

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