IEEE 1609 WG approved by vote the draft 1609.3 Rev.3 O2 developed by ESF GmbH as a WG Draft

17. March 2015


ESF GmbH being sponsor of the Harmonized Messaging Protocol (HMP) at IEEE 1609 WG implemented details necessary for the project of the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in a draft version of IEEE 1609.3 as initially requested at the the 1609 WG meeting in Annapolis in October 2014. Read more .....

This draft was commented by members of the WG. The comments were resolved, and the resulting draft was presented at the 1609 WG meeting in San Jose in March 2015. On 17. March 2015, the WG decided by vote to accept this draft 1609.3 Rev.3 as the official Working Group Draft, as no further change requests were received. This draft will now be further processed by the 1609.3 IEEE Editor towards sponsor ballot.

For details, please contact the author of this draft.

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