ESF GmbH presented a draft IEEE 1609.3 specifying the harmonized messaging protocol (HMP)

19. January 2015


On 25. November 2014, ESF GmbH (on behalf of ISO TC204 WG16) published a white paper on how to harmonize the messaging protocols WSMP (IEEE 1609.3) and FNTP (ISO 29281-1), and provide the geo-dissemination of information functionality of GeoNetworking (ETSI EN 302 636).

See also the history of this story.

Being sponsor of this Harmonized Messaging Protocol (HMP) at IEEE 1609 WG, ESF GmbH implemented details necessary for the project of the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in a draft version of IEEE 1609.3 as requested at the previous meeting of this 1609 WG in Annapolis in October 2014.

European vendors appreciated the development of the HMP that combines the benefits of IEEE, ISO, and ETSI protocols, and avoids their drawbacks. This perfectly optimized solution is futur-proof and can be used for successful global C-ITS deployment.

This HMP is not only applicable for the 5,9 GHz 802.11 radio channels currently allocated for road safety, but also for any other access technology supporting direct mode single-hop communications. An important frequency band of the near future is the millimeterwave band between 63 GHz and 64 GHz. In the EC's COMIS project, already about two decades ago, researches at Deutsche Aerospace AG in Ulm / Germany (the former Telefunken company) built a demonstrator with monolithic integrated circuits in GaAs that was capable to have car-to-car communiations with a maximum distance of 300 meter achieved between cars on the Autobahn (Dr. Fischer from ESF GmbH was project coordinator of this project).

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