ISO DTS 16460 is in ballot

15. December 2015

 ISO TC204 WG16

The EU/US Harmonization Task Group 3 recommended harmonizing ISO FAST protocols with the IEEE WAVE protocols. The harmonized formats of the messaging protocol and the service advertisement protocol are specified in ISO 16460 "Intelligent transport systems -- Communications access for land mobiles (CALM) -- Communication protocol messages for global usage".

ISO TC204 WG16 started to revise ISO 29281-1:2013 (Fast Networking & Transport Protocol, FNTP) and ISO 24102-5:2013 (Fast Service Advertisement Protocol, FSAP) with reference to ISO 16460.

FNTP and IEEE WSMP have an interoperability mode for broadcasting of information. FSAP and IEEE WSA have an interoperability mode for the 5,9 GHz access technology. FNTP and FSAP provide functionality currently not available in WSMP and WSA, respectively.

The harmonized message format is extendible without breaking binary backward compatibility again. Thus IEEE can easily add the additional functionality already specified for edition 2 of FNTP and FSAP, and IEEE and ISO can even add further functionality, e.g. a Geo-Routing sub-type as a more efficient replacement of ETSI GeoNetworking.

DTS 16460 is now in ballot until 16. February 2016.

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