C-ITS Car-to-X communications - Look into the crystal ball

19. August 2015

Car-to-X communications has a quite long history. It started at ISO and IEEE, continued at CEN and ETSI, and then was supported by the C2C-CC. According to their Memorandum of Understanding published in October 2012, provision of cooperative systems (C-ITS) should start in 2015. Subsequently the traffic ministries of The Netherlands, Germany, and Austria launched the C-ITS Corridor project, and are going to implement Car-to-X communications at the roadside (C-ITS 5,9 GHz) and in their central traffic management centres.

What about recent activities of the (German) car industry? Already in August 2013, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung presented the view that car makers are no more interested to implement C-ITS 5,9 GHz communications in their cars. How does this fit to the C-ITS 5,9 GHz infrastructure being implemented in the C-ITS Corridor?

Still the work at ETSI TC ITS is very much influenced by the C2C-CC - thus could we assume that Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung presented a wrong view?

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