White paper on Harmonization of IEEE WSMP with ISO FNTP

25. November 2014


ISO TC204 WG16 released a White paper on Harmonization of IEEE WSMP with ISO FNTP. This is offered to IEEE 1609 WG to support editing of IEEE 1609.3 to present the harmonized solution.

Background: Starting in November 2013, intensive discussions on how to harmonize were conducted at the meetings of IEEE 1609 WG and ISO TC204 WG16, and at the Harmonization Workshop in Berlin in 2014. In October 2014, IEEE 1609 WG identified the technical basis for harmonization by voting. The technical basis is the proposal presented by ETSI STF 455 at the IEEEE 1609 WG meeting in San Diego in July 2014. This proposal is based on draft ISO 16460. In November 2014, ISO TC204 WG16 acknowledged this voting result of IEEE 1609 WG at its Vancouver meeting, and decided to write a white paper as input to the next meeting of IEEE 1609 WG. This white paper aims on specifying in a standard-like style the ISO view of the harmonized solution. It is a support action for the editor of IEEE 1609.3, who has to implement the harmonized solution in a document from IEEE, as requested by US DOT.

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