2014 China (Changchun) International Forum on Automotive Technologies

15. July 2014


The 2014 China (Changchun) International Forum on Automotive Technologies was held on 13. and 14. July 2014.

Experts from Asia, Europe and America gave keynote speeches. Europe was represented by Dr. Thierry Ernst from INRIA in France, and Dr. Hans-Joachim Fischer from ESF GmbH in Germany.

Dr. Ernst and Dr. Fischer introduced in future-proof day-1 deployment of Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems based on International Standards. A set of essential standards suited to enable

were presented and discussed. The approach starting with a flexible and future-proof architecture (ISO 21217) of an ITS station operated as a Bounded Secured Managed Domain, and usage of Internationally agreed and harmonized standards in support of portable applications, multiple protocol stacks, complementary access technologies, and unique station management was appreciated.

Presentation Dr. Ernst, presentation Dr. Fischer.

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