Harmonization of message formats for IEEE WAVE and ISO FAST

24. May 2014


The activity to harmonize the IEEE WAVE protocols WSMP (IEEE 1609.3) and WSA (IEEE 1609.3 / IEEE 1609.2) based on the architecture of a WAVE device (IEEE 1609.0) with the ISO FAST protocols FNTP (ISO 29281-1) and FSAP (ISO 24102-5) based on the architecture of an ITS station unit (ISO 21217) conducted well at several meetings of IEEE WG1609 and ISO TC204 WG16. Based on the current status of harmonization (see the Berlin work shop), WG16 drafted 16460 to present their view as an input to the harmonization meeting in San Diego in July 2014. The intention is to use 16460 from ISO to present common message formats and basic requirements, and to use an IEEE standard for common security parts. Subsequently IEEE 1609.3, ISO 29281-1 and ISO 24102-5 can be updated to implement normative references to the two standards from ISO and IEEE.

ISO TC204 WG16 is prepared to implement the changes in ISO 29281-1 and ISO 24102-5 at their August 2014 meeting in Korea. Please follow this on Twitter.

The experts from ETSI STF 455 are prepared to update the conformance test suites for FNTP and FSAP as soon as the harmonized results are available. ETSI looks forward to offer plug tests for FNTP and FSAP.

It is expected that the harmonization work is finalized in July this year.

See also the news on the harmonization workshop in Berlin in February 2014..

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