Harmonization ISO FAST with IEEE WAVE in San Diego

27. June 2014


The next IEEE WG1609 meeting for harmonization of IEEE WAVE (WSMP and WSA) and ISO FAST (FNTP and FSAP) is scheduled for 21. July 2014 in San Diego. The status of harmonization is presented in an ISO draft document no. 16460 produced by ISO TC204 WG16 at the Oslo meeting in 2014, and disclosed to IEEE 1609 WG. The leader of STF 455 and editor of 16460, Dr. Hans-Joachim Fischer, will be present there and explain the harmonization proposals. These proposals are available since a couple of weeks, and so far nobody presented a counter-proposal or comments. This can be treated as an indication of support. The results of the San Diego meeting will be processed at the meeting of ISO TC204 WG16 in Korea. Then harmonization is expected to be done.

Discussion items on the harmonized WSMP/FNTP protocol (referred to as SNTP), and the harmonized WSA/FSAP protocol (referred to as PSAP), are provided by the editor of the ISO draft 16460. Although the SNTP proposal was considered to be stable already in December 2013, a US delegate at ISO argued to modify this proposal further to achieve a more futur-proof message format. This proposal is contained in the ISO draft 16460. However major discussions are expected to be on the service advertisement solution PSAP.

The experts from ETSI STF 455 are prepared to update the conformance test suites for FNTP and FSAP as soon as the harmonized results are available. ETSI looks forward to offer plug tests for FNTP and FSAP.

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