Basic decision on technical approach for harmonization of ISO FNTP with IEEE WSMP

11. November 2014


The "harmonization story" is an already quite lengthly story. However at its October 2014 meeting in Annapolis / Maryland, the IEEE 1609 WG decided by voting on the basic technical approach for harmonizing ISO FNTP and IEEE WSMP. The decision was in favor of the proposal made by ETSI STF 455. It allows also easily to implement the GeoNetworking functionality from ETSI - however not binary compatible with the ETSI GeoNetworking message specification. Only the GN headers are identical..

See also the history of this story.

This decision was adopted by ISO TC204 WG16. In a follow-up activity, the ISO editor of FNTP (ISO 29281-1) drafted a white paper presenting a detailed view on this basic approach. This draft white paper is currently being reviewed by the ISO experts working actively on this harmonization. Once the comments from ISO were compiled (expected for end November 2014), the result will be published here.

The final version of the white paper will be made avaialbe to the whole IEEE 1609 WG and ISO TC204 WG16. Until the next IEEE 1609 WG meeting in February 2015, the editor of 1609.3 has to write his detailed view on the harmonized message format.

ETSI TC ITS was invited to join this harmonization activity at its meeting in October 2014. No positive feedback is known so far.

To add the ETSI GeoNetworking functionality as one of the options to the harmonized message specification would solve the problem of day-1 deployment in Europe, that with the currently available radio channels at 5,9 GHz the essential GN core functionality cannot be activiated, and the single hop mode is overloading the channel with 40 unused octets per message.

There is only one single word, and one single ITS!

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