Ethertype for ISO 29281-1 Fast Networking & Transport Protocol

7. May 2014

Already a couple of months ago, ISO TC204 WG16 got the Ethertype value 0x8950 assigned for FNTP, which is the primary networking & transport protocol for Vehicular ad-hoc networks (VANETs).

IEEE 1609 WG got the Ethertype value 0x88DC for the WAVE Short Mesage Protocol (WSMP).

WSMP and FNTP currently are being harmonized as suggested by the EU/US task force HTG 3. The aim is to use common message formats whilst maintaining the different station architectures and details of the related protocols. This will allow a WAVE device to talk to an ITS station unit. As a consequence of this approach, it would be beneficial to maintain both Ethertypes, but to map both of them to the protocol available in a station; i.e. a WAVE device implementing WSMP would also accept the Ethertype 0x8950 transmitted by an ITS station unit, and an ITS station unit implementing FNTP would also accept the Ethertype 0x88DC transmitted by a WAVE device.

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