C-ITS Release 1 web site

13. February 2014


ESF GmbH launched its new information web site on Cooperative ITS, dedicated to Release 1 as presented to the EC by CEN and ETSI.

A major focus is on the set of Release 1 standards from CEN/ISO, as the Release 1 from ETSI is very much limited to road safety and traffic efficiency with a single communication protocol stack only, i.e. "GeoNetworking" over 802.11 WiFi (p mode) single-hop communications.

This new web site provides information on the Release 1 standards and related conformance testing, the ongoing process of global harmonization, presentations and white papers, and links to other web sites.

The CEN/ISO Release 1 covers a wide area of standards developed in CEN TC278 and ISO TC204 -these two SDOs are the major advocates on Intelligent Transport Systems.

Selected standards, i.e. the core standards for cooperative ITS based on the ISO 21217 ITS station and communication architecture, will have to be presented and explained in more detail in a number of white papers in order to support users and vendors to introduce C-ITS. These core standards cover the minium set of communications in a trusted ITS station, station management, facilities such as a Local Dynamic Map, message sets and C-ITS applications.

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