ITS station unit from Commsignia - FSAP and FNTP tested.

16. October 2013


At the Kobe meeting of ISO TC204 WG16 and WG18 in October 2013, the approach for testing of ITS communication protocols and applications developed jointly by ISO TC204 WG16 and ETSI STF422 and STF 455 (both funded under EC mandate M/453) was presented. A test of the "Fast Networking & Transport Protocol" (FNTP) implementation (ISO 29281-1) and the "Fast Service Advertisement Protocol" (FSAP) implementation (ISO 24102-5) in an ITS station unit by Commsignia / Hungary was successfully demonstrated.

The ITS test system running the test software (with TTCN-3 tool TestCast3 from Elvior) is connected to a "System Under Test" (SUT) via an Ethernet cable. The test communication protocol on this link is the "ITS station-internal management communications protocol" (IICP) (ISO 24102-4) developed by ISO TC204 WG16. This new architectural approach for testing an "Implementation Under Test" (IUT) simplifies significantly test preparation and test performance, as no upper test application nor lower layers support are needed.

Commsignia's ITS station unit is based on the ITS station and communication architecture (ISO 21217) providing several access technologies, several networking & transport layer protocols, a variety of facilities, and necessary management and security support according to the needs of C-ITS applications.

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