ETSI ITS workshop 2014 - Agenda is online

20. December 2013

ETSI has published the agenda for the upcoming ITS workshop in Berlin.

Three highlights from the agenda, beyond many others, which are not restricted to a car-centric road-safety view of C-ITS, but aim on global usage and support of the needs of road operators and city authorities:

The presentation from ESF GmbH on The universal future-proof ITS station for Cooperative ITS - Results from CEN TC278 PT1601 to be given by Hans-Joachim Fischer was accepted. This presentation will explain how the work from PT1601 extends the work on communication standards from ISO TC204 WG16 (CALM), and how other standard activities from CEN TC278 WG16 / ISO TC204 WG18 complement the kernel set of standards needed for day 1 procurement.

The presentation from IPTE Schalk & Schalk OG on The globally applicable concept of a Local Dynamic Map - results from CEN TC278 PT1604 to be given by Andreas Schalk was accepted.Requirements for and technical details of CEN/ISO TS 18750 will be presented in the context of sharing of data between applications, which is the enabler for cooperative ITS.

The presentation from Mines ParisTech on ITS station facilities communication support functions to be given by Thierry Ernst was accepted.CEN/ISO TS 17429 fills a gap in the general approach of the OSI model, currently still given in the ITS-S facilities layer (OSI layers 5, 6 and 7).

STF 455Unfortunately the presentation on Standardized testing in Cooperative ITS - How the ITS test systems talks to the System Under Test related to the validation of an ISO test suite by STF 455 could not be considered, although STF 455 is an ETSI activity funded by the European Commision under the mandate M/453 on Cooperative ITS. The presentation will be published in February 2014. The technical details will be compiled into a CEN/ISO Technical Report in 2014. Please check again this web.

CALMIEEEFurther on, the presentation on the activities to harmonize the IEEE WAVE protocol set (WSMP and WSA, IEEE 1609.3) with the ISO FAST protocol set (FNTP and FSAP, ISO 29281-1 and ISO 24102-5) could also not be considered. This presentation will be available in February 2014 on this web, and will be given just the two days prior to the ETSI workshop, also in Berlin, at a workshop of IEEE 1609 WG dedicated to this harmonization activity. More details on this will follow soon ...

Come to Berlin and discuss your C-ITS project with the real experts from CEN and ISO, and from ETSI.

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