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This is the portal for Inteligent Transport Systems (ITS) activities in Europe presented by ESF GmbH.

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Two European Standard Development Organizations (SDO) are active in ITS:

ITS Bavaria

The European Commission funds the development of ITS standard deliverables, based on respective mandates. Two important mandates beyond others are the mandate M/453 on Cooperative ITS (C-ITS), and M/546 one Urban ITS (U-ITS). The development is performed in CEN/TC 278 Project Teams (PT) and ETSI TC ITS Specialist Task Forces (STF). The following table shows PTs and the standard deliverables developed by these PTs.

PT Standard reference Standard title
1508 CEN/TS 17182 Intelligent transport systems - eSafety - eCall via an ITS-station
1601 EN ISO 17419 Intelligent transport systems - Cooperative systems - Globally unique identification
EN ISO 17423 Intelligent transport systems - Cooperative systems - Application requirements and objectives
1602 EN ISO 17427-1 Intelligent transport systems - Cooperative ITS - Part 1: Roles and responsibilities in the context of co-operative ITS architecture(s).
1603 support action related to PT1602
1604 .EN ISO 18750 Intelligent transport systems - Co-operative ITS - Local dynamic map
1605 CEN ISO/TS 21176 Cooperative intelligent transport systems (C-ITS) - Position, velocity and time functionality in the ITS station
CEN ISO/TS 21177 Intelligent transport systems - ITS security services for secure session establishment and authentication between trusted devices
CEN/ ISO/TS 21184 Cooperative intelligent transport systems (C-ITS) - Global transport data management (GTDM) framework
CEN TS 21185 Cooperative intelligent transport systems (C-ITS) - Communication profiles
CEN ISO/TR 21186

Cooperative intelligent transport systems (C-ITS) - Guidelines for the usage of standards -
Part 1: Standardization landscape and releases
Part 2: Hybrid communications
Part 3: Security

1701 CEN/TR 17143 Intelligent transport systems - Standards and actions necessary to enable urban infrastructure coordination to support Urban-ITS
1702 support action for U-ITS
1703 CEN/TR 17297-1 Intelligent transport systems . Location referencing harmonization for Urban ITS - State of the art and guidelines
CEN/TS 17297-2 Intelligent transport systems - Location Referencing Harmonisation for Urban-ITS - Transformation methods
1704 CEN/TS 17241 Intelligent transport systems - Traffic management systems - Status, fault and quality requirements
1705 CEN/TS 17378 Intelligent transport systems - Urban ITS - Air quality management in urban areas
CEN/TS 17380 Intelligent transport systems - Urban-ITS - 'Controlled Zone' management for UVARs using C-ITS
1706 CEN/TS 17400 Intelligent transport systems - Urban ITS - Mixed vendor environments, methodologies & translators
1707 CEN/TS 17402 Intelligent transport systems - Urban-ITS - Use of regional traffic standards in a mixed vendor environment
1708 CEN/TR 17401 Intelligent transport systems - Urban-ITS - Mixed vendor environment guide
1709 Traffic management data models
1710 CEN/TS 17466 Intelligent transport systems - Urban-ITS - Communication interfaces and profiles for traffic management
1711 CEN/TS 17413 Intelligent transport systems - Urban ITS - Models and definitions for new modes


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